Kim Karsmashian, #0


Name: Kim Karsmashian (Smash)
Number: 0
Age: 25

What is your skating position?

Where did you grow up?
New York

What do you do for a living?
I'm a business analyst at Kaiser Permanente.

What are your favorite hobbies (besides derby)?
Running, exploring California, trying all the vegan restaurants.

What are your pre-derby sports, if any? 
Soccer, basketball, lacrosse, softball

Did you have any skating experience before joining derby?
No! My first practice was the first time I'd ever worn quad skates.

What's your pump up song?
Right now - Bodak Yellow by Cardi B

What is a fun fact about you?
Not to brag, but I can recite all of the words to every rap song ever made.

Favorite food?
Vegan waffles at Seabirds

If you had a secret power, what would it be?
To make food I see on the internet magically appear in front of me to eat.

Who is your derby crush?
All the hardworkin' babes of OCRD

How and why did you get involved in roller derby?
When I moved here from NY last summer, I was looking for a sport near my house to join to make some friends. This was the coolest sport that came up on the Google.

How long have you been involved with derby?
Since August 2016

What’s the story behind your derby name? How did you pick yours? What's the meaning behind your number?
There's not really a story. I love trash TV and I live for the drama, so a Kardashian seemed like a logical fit.

What was the easiest move for you to learn? What was the hardest?
Easiest: plows; Hardest: transitions/tomahawk stops

What is your favorite derby story so far?
Getting whipped by Super D in our last game was pretty awesome.

In what ways has roller derby changed your life?
I have so many friends! I can be really introverted and it can take me a long time to get comfortable around new people, but OCRD has been really welcoming and great.

What one piece of gear would you recommend?
All of the gear.

What advice do you have for someone thinking about joining derby?
Don't overthink it! You'll be glad you joined.