Midlife CrySis, #73


Name: Midlife CrySis
Number: 73
Age: 45

What do you do for the league?
I have the very important job of making sure we have somewhere to eat and drink after our bouts.

What is your skating position?
Wherever the coach puts me! I started out blocking, but I’m becoming more of a jammer.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Whittier, CA.

What do you do for a living?
I’m part of the compliance department for a utility company.

What are your favorite hobbies (besides derby)?
When I’m not on skates, I love to be with my husband on the water, usually on a paddle board, or at the beach. Or just outdoors.

What are your pre-derby sports, if any? 
In high school I played volleyball and ran track. I’ve been active most of my adult life either working out at the gym, running, or hiking.

Did you have any skating experience before joining derby?
I learned to skate when I was really young and grew up skating around the neighborhood or at Whittier’s Skateland. I started with metal skates that fit around my tennis shoes, and then I had skates that had metal wheels!

What is a fun fact about you?
I have 5 grandchildren with another one on the way very soon.

Favorite food?
Sushi or Italian

If you had a secret power, what would it be?
My power would be the ability to swim underwater without scuba gear or being affected by the cold (I may have seen Aquaman recently).

How and why did you get involved in roller derby?
I remember watching roller derby as a kid, but I think the 2009 movie “Whip It” is what piqued my interest and I wondered if derby was a real thing. My life was too busy to get involved then, but around 2015 I looked up roller derby in my area and found out it’s a real thing! In 2017, all of my kids had graduated from high school and I decided it was finally time for me to do something for myself. I really thought I might be too old for roller derby until I started reading the skater profiles (just like this one). There were a few skaters over 40 and I realized I wasn’t too old! I attended the next orientation and was hooked.

How long have you been involved with derby?
I started Phase 1 training in September 2017.

What’s the story behind your derby name? How did you pick yours?
I started thinking about derby names on the night of orientation. I spent months trying to figure out the right one. One day I saw MIDLIFE CRISIS written across the top of a windshield of a jeep being driven by a woman around my age. I thought “derby is my midlife crisis” so I went with it. I had to have a spin on it though and decided on spelling it CrySis.

What's the meaning behind your number?
It’s my birth year.

What is your favorite derby story so far?
I don’t have a story, per se, but my experience at my first tournament was awesome. Laur ‘N Order and I played in our first bouts and the league won 3rd place. I was so nervous, but everyone was so supportive and it was so much fun.

In what ways has roller derby changed your life?
Roller derby has taught me to step outside my comfort zone and overcome the fear of trying something new, meeting new people, and wearing booty shorts while skating. It has built a confidence in me that has spilled into all aspects of my life.

What advice do you have for someone new to derby?
Don’t give up. It will be hard sometimes, your body will hurt, you may cry, but you will get better and stronger and discover how amazing you can be.